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Our Staff

Kathy Gleason was named Interim Executive Director to guide Shepherd Home to and through its post-pandemic reopening. She worked for Shepherd Home initially as a consultant approximately 6 years ago, and then remained at Shepherd Home in an office position, helping with data entry, fundraising and a myriad of other tasks. After she retired, Kathy remained connected to Shepherd Home as an occasional volunteer, supporting fundraisers as she was able. With the absence of a permanent Executive Director, Kathy stepped forward and offered her experience and knowledge to Shepherd Home during the transition from COVID-closure to a reopening now targeted for early Fall 2021. Kathy lives in Hamlin, enjoys audiobooks on her commute and loves spending time with family. She describes her post high school and resume as ‘eclectic’ and has spent more than 20 years in nonprofit healthcare administrative roles. She is a freelance writer, loves to travel and is appreciative of this opportunity to again serve Shepherd Home.


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