Annual Report

Honoraria in 2015



In Honor Of

Bob Baron

Michael and Victoria Peter

Steven and Carol Preston

Julie Finocchario

Jerome Standera

Hugh and Alice

James & Anne Parker

James Galusha

Canaltown Insurance Agency, Inc.

Esther Gemmill

Ms. Elizabeth Affolter

Carl Hofstetter

Marie Prizzi

Margaret Jensen

Karen Jensen

Kathleen Lechner

John Brand

Jessica Moore

Ms. Etta Eskridge

Gene and Carol

Alan Oliver

Kelly Paganelli

Anita M Abdoo

Channing and Marie     

Jeff Burns &
Donna Spinella

Marie Campbell

Daniel Scott Foster

Robert and Margaret Hession

James and Mary Maley

Joseph and Maryann Platania

Sabrina Renner

William Rice and Maryann Monley

Jeanne Rowe

Judy Stape

Arnold and Sharon Smart